Dancing with the Universe

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Art Competition

It's time to celebrate! The Skyhound Master is available for sale, and it's time to celebrate! My publisher is hosting an art competition this month as part of the festivities. They say art inspires art! If you’ve read any of the Andul Guardians books so far and found...

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Skyhound Top Hat

Hi, everybody! Welcome to Skyhound Saturday! Isn’t this a crazy time we’re living through? We’re all trapped in our homes for the foreseeable future, and it seems companies are rushing to fill the perceived void and give us more and more options for spending all this...

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Prepping and Pinterest

It's SKYHOUND SATURDAY! Keep reading for some teasers about the second book in the Andul Guardians series. But first, things have gotten a little cuckoo in the U.S. this week. I was on vacation to sunny Phoenix (except it rained the whole time we were there) when...

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An Interview with the Carpathia Crew

It’s Phantom Friday, ya’ll! And this will be the last installment of this feature, as next week I’ll shift over to Skyhound Saturday in anticipation of the upcoming release of the 2nd book in the Andul Guardians series! Today for Phantom Friday, I have with me Xanthe...

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