Dancing with the Universe

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Secret Sisters Tour

Welcome to The Secret Sisters Club Audio Book Tour! Saddle up and get ready for a rollicking ride in this enchanting tale of two scheming country girls who want nothing more than to become sisters. I was honored to interview the author, Monique Bucheger, about the...

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Awesome Settings

I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve been doing more reading since the world went into lock-down. Not that I ever really stop reading, it’s just that much of my reading time is usually hogged by nonfiction. But my tendency lately has been to reach for the fiction shelf,...

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Conversation Catastrophe

A Week to Celebrate (again)! Welcome to Skyhound Saturday! We had a tremendous launch last week to celebrate the release of the second installment in the Andul Guardians. If you missed it, you can still read through all the silliness on the Event Page. (Although I...

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Art Competition

It's time to celebrate! The Skyhound Master is available for sale, and it's time to celebrate! My publisher is hosting an art competition this month as part of the festivities. They say art inspires art! If you’ve read any of the Andul Guardians books so far and found...

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