Weaknesses of Technology

  • High cost of technology tools, such as computers vs. papers and pencils
  • Failure or disruption, such as Internet connection issues in rural disadvantaged areas
  • Distractions of the Internet for students
  • Cheating becomes easier and more difficult to identify
  • Students become over-reliant on technology and fail to learn basic skills, such as grammar rules

Unique Threats Through Technology

  • Digital Distractions: Students should be taught how to manage their devices and online time wisely.
  • Misinformation: The skill of verifying sources must be taught regularly to students.
  • Cyberbullying: Students must learn to be responsible online citizens and how to respond to this form of bullying.
  • Unauthorized access: Schools must strictly enforce cybersecurity measures to protect students and their identifying information.


How the use of technology in the classroom supports engagement.

Lesson Application

Examples of technology use in lesson design.


The strengths and opportunities of educational technology.


The weaknesses and threats of educational technology.

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Technology Implementation Plan