Strengths of Technology

  • Provides students with more tools for collaboration, enhancing their experience
  • Gives students a good understanding of modern skills used in today’s workforce
  • Can be accessed easily, from almost anywhere
  • Provides a fun and engaging experience for students
  • Makes lessons more accessible for diverse learners

Technology Opportunities

  • Collaboration: Utilize tools to teach students how to work well together and respect the ideas and opinions of others.
  • Virtual field trips: Explore locations that would be difficult or impossible in reality, such as the moon.
  • Global Connections: Interact with student in classrooms across the world, teach students about diversity.


How the use of technology in the classroom supports engagement.

Lesson Application

Examples of technology use in lesson design.


The strengths and opportunities of educational technology.


The weaknesses and threats of educational technology.

Divi template “High School” used with permission.

Technology Implementation Plan