A2a. Locating Technology

Peruse these three website examples where teachers can research various technology tools to support student learning objectives in the classroom.

Common Sense Education: Curation

This sub-page on Common Sense Education can be used by teachers as a resource for researching various tools that help teachers and students to curate and organize material. (Common Sense Education, n.d.)

101+ EdTech Tools and Websites

Teachers can use this page as a resource to locate websites that offer academic activities and support for their specific content area (Kharbach, 2022).

Critical Evaluation of Information

Teachers can use this page, a sub-page of Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything, to find various resources about teaching the subject of the Critical Evaluation of online content, thus learning to be better online citizens. (Schrock, n.d.).

A2a.Locating Technology

Where to find technology tools for your classroom.

A2b. Integrating Technology

How to utilize technology in your classroom for successful outcomes.

A3. A Sample Learning Activity

How to apply technology to support students in meeting a learning objective.

A4a. Independent Learning

Using technology to create independent learners.

A4b. Assistive Technology

Using technology to support students with disabilities to be successful in the classroom.

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Technology for Educators


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