Integrating Technology

Virtual Field Trips

Teachers can integrate technology in a blended classroom by creating virtual field trips that enhance learning opportunities for students. For example, students in a geography class might virtually visit a location on another continent that would be impossible for them to visit in person.

Learning Management Systems

Teachers can integrate technology in a flipped classroom by utilizing a learning management system (LMS), such as Google Classroom, to organize and deliver assignments to students, track their learning outcomes, and organize data (Google for Education, n.d.).

A2a.Locating Technology

Where to find technology tools for your classroom.

A2b. Integrating Technology

How to utilize technology in your classroom for successful outcomes.

A3. A Sample Learning Activity

How to apply technology to support students in meeting a learning objective.

A4a. Independent Learning

Using technology to create independent learners.

A4b. Assistive Technology

Using technology to support students with disabilities to be successful in the classroom.

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Technology for Educators


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