Independent Learning

Reading Independently with Bookly

This is an application students can use to read independently. It supports learning by allowing students to choose books, then tracks information about their reading habits, such as the number of pages read and the time they spent reading. Because the app records this data unobtrusively in the background, and because students are given autonomy in what they read through the app, students are able to focus on the activity of reading without worrying about collecting the data themselves, thus there’s a better chance they can find pleasure in the activity. When they’re finished reading, they can look at the data the app collected and see how they have improved in their reading skills over time, thus giving them incentive to continue.

Pocket Prep

This application provides study guides for students to prepare to take the SAT and ACT exams. Students can practice with questions and receive detailed explanations when they get a question wrong that will help them to get the correct answer the next time. They can track their progress in the app, guiding their self-directed learning.

A2a.Locating Technology

Where to find technology tools for your classroom.

A2b. Integrating Technology

How to utilize technology in your classroom for successful outcomes.

A3. A Sample Learning Activity

How to apply technology to support students in meeting a learning objective.

A4a. Independent Learning

Using technology to create independent learners.

A4b. Assistive Technology

Using technology to support students with disabilities to be successful in the classroom.

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Technology for Educators


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