Rebel Return

Rebel Return

The final installment of the award-winning series!

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When their only transportation to the science base at Langley gets stolen, Caelin and her friends are left stranded in the decaying city of Richmond. Caelin’s dreams of finding her mother and reuniting her family are scattered like the pieces of her sister’s mosaics.

Although she regrets abandoning Mardy in D.C., Caelin is determined to reach Langley. But now they must travel on foot, facing the dangers of a countryside teeming with radiation and the relentless pursuit of Lucio and the Impartialists dogging their heels all the way.

Just when it seems they’re safe inside Langley’s protective barrier, Caelin’s reunion with her mother turns bittersweet. Lucio cracks Langley’s defenses, bent on destroying the device that will restore Earth’s ozone layer. Mardy is the only one who could stop Lucio. But will she? Caelin has to trust her sister to make the right choice this time.

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Series: Rebel Bound, Book 3
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Publisher: Vivienza
Publication Year: 2021
List Price: 15% off! 14.33
eBook Price: 4.99
About the Book

As my thanks to students at ARL School who enjoyed studying the first book, Rebel Bound, this year with Mr. Palmer, please take 15% off preorders for Rebel Return by clicking the “signed paperback” button above, or send an email to Plus, when you order the paperback, you’ll get a FREE ebook copy when the book is released on July 28, 2021!

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