It’s SKYHOUND SATURDAY! Keep reading for some teasers about the second book in the Andul Guardians series.

But first, things have gotten a little cuckoo in the U.S. this week. I was on vacation to sunny Phoenix (except it rained the whole time we were there) when everything started shutting down.

Our church meetings are cancelled for the foreseeable future; my daughter’s college classes were shifted to online, the students encouraged to go home if possible; and my younger kids got the word that their public school would move to online classes starting this next Wednesday. Well, they’ve often joked they wanted to try home school. I guess now we’ve got that chance.

It was a huge relief for me to return from my trip last night and gather my family around like a momma chicken pulling her chicks in under her wings. I feel ready now to face whatever the future holds.

To anyone who asks whether I’m prepared for a lockdown, I reply: “I’ve been prepping for this my whole life!”

Seriously, don’t get caught in a run on quality reading material! Make sure you’re prepared for incessant weeks of boredom by ordering your copy of The Phantom Nightingale immediately! (I can wait while you run out and make that quick purchase.)

See? You’re back already! Aren’t you glad you got it done early and avoided all those long lines and empty shelves?

Speaking of early, now that you’ve purchased The Phantom Nightingale, you’re eligible for a FREE copy of the prequel short story, The Insurgent Martyr! Whoo hoo! More reading material to fight off boredom! Enter your proof of purchase right now to download your copy! (Again, I’ll wait. 😉)

So I promised this week would be about the next book in the series, The Skyhound Master! It comes out in just a couple more weeks – March 31! Maybe I’ll dangle a few teasers to whet your appetite. 😉

The best way I’ve found to firmly cement characters and scenes in my head is to find images that resonate with my sense of the story. So, how about I share some of the images I gathered when I was writing The Skyhound Master and the other Andul Guardians books?

Normally, I keep these images under lock and key on a private Pinterest board – because they didn’t originate with me, and I don’t own them in any way, shape, or form – but today, I’m giving you a peek into my vault!

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers – just some enticing tidbits that I hope will get you as excited for the March 31 release of The Skyhound Master as I am! Check it out on my Pinterest board, Andul Inspirations!