We’re gearing up for this year’s Halloween Haunt! Check out the bottom of this post for more tantalizing details! In the meantime …

Avast thar, ye land lubbers! Thar be pirates in them thar spook house!

We’ve done a pirate theme twice: once in 2003, and then again last year. It was so much fun, we had one little visitor still calling us “pirates” months later!

Visitors were greeted last year by Old Balina Bones (aka, yours truly), who was on the run from pirates after her treasure. She left a map in the care of visitors.

Luckily, a very helpful young pirate named Long Jonna Silver then offered to help them find the treasure. They traveled around a lagoon full of mermaids trying to grab the feet of unwary passers-by, then dove into an underwater grotto.

That’s when a mermaid told them Long Jonna Silver was only after the treasure for herself. When visitors returned to the surface, Balina Bones rescued them from Long Jonna Silver and her minions, and visitors got away with their share of the treasure.

Our earlier incarnation even featured a diving pool where kids could find all sorts of treasure!

This year, we’re staying away from underwater grottos, but we’ll have more than our fair share of adventure! The word on the street is that Dakota D’arc, the famous Egyptologist and adventurer, has gone missing! Police suspect the involvement of notorious crime lord, Copper Finger! Do you have the guts to join the search this Halloween?