A Week to Celebrate (again)!

Welcome to Skyhound Saturday! We had a tremendous launch last week to celebrate the release of the second installment in the Andul Guardians. If you missed it, you can still read through all the silliness on the Event Page. (Although I took down the video of me dancing – it was just TOO embarrassing.)

This week, the party continued with my birthday on Thursday and our Easter celebrations. So, I’ve just been a party animal for two weeks!

On a more sobering note, I was privileged to take part in a world-wide fast on Good Friday to petition the heavens for relief from our current Covid-19 situation. I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe out there.

For Skyhound Saturday today, I’m reposting a conversation I had during the launch with some of my characters. It was very … interesting. 😂 Enjoy this conversation catastrophe with Cupcake, Noona, and Deryn!




Deryn: Cupcake! What are you doing? It’s not time to start yet.


Deryn: Cupcake, Noona isn’t here yet. We’re not supposed to start without her!

Cupcake: LET GO! I WANT TO DO IT! q907(*&*&%khlgkjdkihaeklh*O&%(*^IWU#H%LKfdo8yot3qojkj

Deryn: 9805LKJ*(&%(#*&okj%h#wlkNGDOIJEWT Oh for the love of Pete! Where is Noona?

Noona: (distant) Cupcake? What did you do with my hairbrush? Gak! It’s covered in toothpaste. What did you … CUPCAKE!!!!!!

Cupcake: 😬 Oh, oh.

Deryn: Cupcake, get back here, you little scalawag! Oh, fiddlesticks. She’s run off to hide somewhere. Oh, hey there, Mrs. Black. How’s it going?

Shauna: Um. Hi, Deryn. How come this place looks like a tornado just blew through? Aren’t we supposed to get started with your visit? Where’s Cupcake and Noona?

Deryn: The tornado was named Cupcake, and I expect Noona is chasing her clear to Timbuktu and back for using her hairbrush as a toothbrush.

Shauna: Oh, fiddlesticks!

Deryn: My sentiments, exactly.

Shauna: I guess we’d better go round them up and get things smoothed over before we start. 😬Hey, everybody, we’ll be back in a little while. Don’t go away.

Shauna: (My characters are seriously going to wear. me. out.) Hi, again, everyone. I’m back. And I’d like to introduce you to Deryn, Noona, and Cupcake, our little resident mischief-maker.

Cupcake: (am not!) 😤

Noona: You most certainly are, you little scamp. Look what you did to my brush!

Shauna: Okay, okay. Let’s not start that again, Noona. I’ll buy you a new brush after this is all over.

Cupcake: 😀 What are you going to buy me?

Deryn: Nothing. You’ve been very naughty.

Cupcake: 😟

Noona: You don’t deserve a treat, Cupcake. You ruined my brush!

Cupcake: 😭

Shauna: Yes, yes, Noona. We’ve established that. Cupcake, please don’t cry. Look, if you cheer up, I’ll get you an ice cream after your visit. Does that sound good?

Deryn: 😒 You spoil her, Mrs. Black.

Shauna: Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you don’t spoil her, Deryn. I know you put special treats in her favorite cupboard on purpose just so she’ll “steal” them.

Noona: You do what?

Shauna: Ok. I’ll make you all a special treat after this visit, does that sound like a deal? But, Cupcake, you have to be good. You have to sit here on my lap and pay attention like a good girl, and you can help me pick out a new brush for Noona. Right now, I want you to tell her you’re sorry.

Cupcake: 🥺Do I havta?

Noona: I’m waiting, Cupcake!

Shauna: Cupcake, don’t you want a special treat?

Cupcake: 🤔 Yes.

Shauna: Then you need to tell Noona you’re sorry.

Cupcake: 😕 Fine. I’m sorry, Noona. Now can I have a treat?

Shauna: After we’re done here. Now, sit on my lap and behave yourself. (Deep breath.) Okay. Deryn, I brought you in today because we’re cooking up party food for the launch festivities, and I know you’re the expert in the kitchen.

Deryn: Well, I wouldn’t say “expert.”

Noona: 🤭 She burnt the banitsa every time Captain ordered it until just a couple of months ago.

Deryn: He still ate it!

Shauna: Yes, he did, because Xanthe is just nice, that way.

Cupcake: I like Cappy Xanthe. He’s my friend!

Noona: He’s everybody’s friend, Cupcake.

Shauna: But I know you got your banitsa recipe perfected before I started writing The Phantom Nightingale, Deryn, because Brayde and Avilene enjoyed a slice and didn’t complain about it being burnt. And believe me, Avilene would have let me know. I even tried your recipe myself a couple of weeks ago. It was rather delicious.

Deryn: ☺️ Thanks.

Shauna: Can you share the recipe here with my readers after we’re done chatting? (Sharon Hughson: Yes, please. Quarantine is a perfect time to try new recipes (as long as I have all the ingredients on hand).

Deryn: Sure. Do you want any other Carpathia recipes?


Shauna: Pipe down, Cupcake. You can share something too.

Cupcake: Hurray! What should I share? Noona, help me!

Noona: 🙄 Of course I’ll help you, Cupcake.

Cupcake: RIGHT NOW! I want to find something to share RIGHT NOW!

Shauna: Hold on, Cupcake. We’re not done yet.

Noona: 😳 Maybe we are. Sorry, Mrs. Black. She’s run off again.

[crashing of pots and pans in the galley]

Deryn: Oh no! Cupcake! What are you doing?

Noona: 🤭 I guess I’d better go see if I Deryn needs help.

Shauna: Okay. Just remind Deryn about the dance party tomorrow. I’m changing the time to 6:30pm. I hope to see you all there.

Noona: Including Cupcake? Are you sure that’s a good idea?

[more crashing pans]

Shauna: 😄 Absolutely. It wouldn’t be a party without her. Now run along and find Cupcake something to share on the event page, for heaven’s sake! I’ll see you all later.

Noona: Bye, Mrs. Black. Bye, everybody.

Deryn: 🤯 Cupcake!!!!

Noona: 😳 That’s my cue.

Shauna: Um. Thanks for coming! (deep breath) Well, that was … interesting.