Hi, everybody! Welcome to Skyhound Saturday!

Isn’t this a crazy time we’re living through? We’re all trapped in our homes for the foreseeable future, and it seems companies are rushing to fill the perceived void and give us more and more options for spending all this free time we’re supposed to have. Personally, I’m just as busy as always – I’m actually falling behind on my writing goals, since I have all my kids underfoot all the time, and that puts a wrench in my schedule. It’s like summer vacation arrived a couple months early.

Except I can’t just send the kids outside when the dreaded “I’m bored” phrase surfaces, because the weather isn’t always cooperating this time of the year. Yep, unlike parents trying to juggle working from home these days, kids have plenty of time voids that need filling! My own kids have been breezing through their schoolwork before lunch, then spending the afternoon on the prowl for boredom relief.

What’s a mom to do?

Pull out the craft supplies, of course!

Yes, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and offering up some resources for you harried parents who are, like me, trying to find a way to occupy your kids and cure the inevitable cabin fever.

Today, in honor of The Skyhound Master (coming out in just a couple more days!), let’s make a top hat that Sicarah would be proud of!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of construction paper in the same color
  • A small paper plate in a matching color. (Or paint your plate to make it match!)
  • Decorations for your hat (buttons, ribbons, feathers, glitter glue, etc)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape or a stapler, if desired

The first step is to fold 1 piece of construction paper the long way, about 2 inches back, or more if you want a shorter hat.

Then turn the paper around and fold the opposite side, but only about 1 inch this time. Cut each side of the paper to the fold line in slits about an inch or so apart.

Now roll the paper into a tube with the cut sides on top and bottom and glue it together. You can use tape or a staple to hold it more securely in place until the glue dries.

Next, take the paper plate and measure the circumference of your hat in the center of the plate, marking it with a pencil. Cut out the inside circle of the plate and try to fit your rolled-up construction paper through it. If it’s too small, you can trim it a little wider.

Slide the small folded side of your rolled-up construction paper through the hole in the paper plate and fold down the construction paper slits, gluing them into place.

At the top of the hat, fold down the larger flaps and glue them together. Trim them if they’re overlapping past the sides of the hat.

Now measure the circumference of the top of the hat on the extra piece of construction paper and mark a little wider than the hat with a pencil. Cut that out and glue it on top of the hat, trimming the edges as needed.

Now you’re ready to decorate! You can use ribbon for the hat band, or a piece of construction paper in a contrasting color. 

Add feathers, buttons, paper clips, springs from the workshop—whatever you think would look cool—and glue them onto your hat.

Voila! You have an elegant top hat that even Sicarah would wear!