Two of my favorite genres are steampunk and fantasy, so what’s better than an adventurous book that combines them both?!

I’m thrilled to introduce you today to Spellsmith and Carver, an exciting adventure series in an alternate steampunk world that uses magic pilfered from fairy realms to power its industry.

I’ll focus my review on the first book, Magician’s Rivalry, which you can snag on Amazon! But I warn you: once you read book 1, you’ll just HAVE to get all the other books in the series, because you’ll be hooked!

Magician’s Rivalry begins with the homecoming of Auric Spellsmith, a young man who’s been estranged from his family for a few years while studying magic at a distant academy. His younger sister, Rill, is thrilled to see him, but there appears little hope of a reconciliation with Auric’s father, Master Spellsmith. To make matters worse, Master Spellsmith has employed an apprentice, Jericho Carver, who seems all too eager to replace Auric, not only in the family’s business, but in their affections.

This conflict is a powerful force that deliciously compelled me all the way through Magician’s Rivalry. Although Auric and Jericho start out as bitter enemies, they must learn to work together when Auric’s father, then Rill, go missing. Traveling to the toxic fairy realm to rescue them means wading into untold dangers where nothing is really as it seems!

I thought the characters in Magician’s Rivalry were very well crafted. I sympathized with Auric when he loused up and embarrassed himself in front of Jericho, and ached for Jericho, who’s hopes and dreams of making a name for himself and thus winning the hand of the girl he loves are dashed when Auric shows up.

Rill was like a breath of fresh air wafting through the men’s rivalry. Reading about her was a pure joy. I can see why her adorable clockwork fox is devoted to her, along with all the other characters! Her clever use of magic was especially entrancing to me, and led to a brilliant plot twist at the end.

Speaking of clever, I was enchanted by the highly creative world that H.L. Burke has created for this series. The contrast between the Victorian-esque reality of Auric’s world and the toxic chaos of the fairy realm put a fresh spin on traditional fantasy lore that I thought was brilliant! Now I just need to enchant my own stylus so that I can work some of those creative magic spells for myself!

Grab your own copy of Magician’s Rivalry on Amazon! The only regret you’ll have is staying up all night to finish it. 😉 Happy reading!

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