My new series, the Andul Guardians, launched with a bang last week when my publisher released the first book, The Phantom Nightingale!

We’ve been doing some fun things to celebrate, including:

Read on for more details on how you can join the fun!


First, a shout-out to Aelurus Publishing for offering a $50 Amazon Voucher giveaway! By sharing the good news about The Phantom Nightingale’s release, you can get a chance to win! It’s really easy to enter. Just go to the Upviral giveaway page, enter your email, then choose which option you’d like to do for your chance to win that $50 Amazon voucher!


Tomorrow – Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – at 1:00pm MST, I’ll be doing a FaceBook LIVE Broadcast!!!! (Eeek!) I’m going to answer reader questions about the Andul Guardians. If you have a question you want me to address, head over to my Google form!


Which crewmember of the Carpathia are you most like? Find out in this fun character quiz! Are you fun-loving and snarky like Sicarah, or steady and a worry-wart like Brayde? You can even share your results on social media and encourage your friends to try. #phantomnightingale


My publisher and I are working to bring you a short story prequel to the books called The Insurgent Martyr. Get the dish on how Xanthe and Brayde ended up in Rhoma, rummaging through the black market to save a child slave.

Those who purchased The Phantom Nightingale will be eligible to receive this short story bonus. Just make sure you save your purchase order number to qualify! I’ll do my best to get the word out when the story is released – so follow this blog, follow me on Instagram or FaceBook, and/or sign up for my eClub to make sure you don’t miss the announcement!


Doesn’t that sound all alliterate and mysterious? For the next while, I’ll be doing a Phantom Friday on this blog and social media, where I post recipes from the books (and maybe a video or two, if I get brave), interviews with the characters, insider information on the research that went into the books, and whatever else I can think of. Have an idea you’d like me to explore? Comment below!


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