So, a friend of mine has this really AWESOME kids book coming out this weekend. Every time my kids complain about school lunch, I tell them they have got to read this book! I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy, so I fell in love with it early. If you’re a fan of Case File 13, Janitors, or Fablehaven, you will love this book! Check out my review below, then get on over to Amazon to get your own copy!

Potions in the Pizza by Mikey Brooks

I’ve heard my kids complain often enough about school lunch (this book brought back memories of my own school days with mystery food on plastic trays – I’m looking at you, canned spinach!), so it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine school lunch ladies as witches. Now, before lunch ladies everywhere start throwing spinach my way, let’s qualify that the witches at Ethan and Emmy’s school in Potions in the Pizza are gorgeous, elegant, and charismatic. They make some incredible feasts for their young charges. (Just like lunch ladies everywhere, right?)

But Ethan knows something isn’t right when he catches the new lunch ladies putting a magic ingredient into the food. Who knows what the triple cheese pizza and giant cinnamon rolls will do to kids! Ethan and Emmy’s situation only gets worse when their parents disappear during a business trip to Transylvania, of all places. It warrants investigating, and Ethan is happy to ferret out all the secrets stored in his very own home.

Potions in the Pizza deliciously blends the flavor of Roald Dahl’s The Witches with Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider in an entertaining romp through the school cafeteria. The author knows exactly how to relate to kids and what they love, from the bully getting his comeuppance to a favorite teacher giving Emmy special attention. Kids will not only relate to the characters, but count them as best friends. Any middle grade reader who picks up this gem won’t be able to put it down! (Come to think of it, I had that problem myself.) You won’t regret adding this one to your library!

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