When’s the last time you read a book, from start to finish? I recently heard a theory that people in general don’t read fiction much anymore. There are too many other entertainments available that take far less time to absorb than a book, so the theory goes, and therefore books are heading the way of the dinosaur.

While this theory is devastating to a writer like myself, I must admit that I read less than I used to. I no longer feel compelled to finish a novel if I don’t like some aspect of it. I go for weeks, even months sometimes, without cracking a book. It’s been years since I last stayed up all night to finish a good read I just couldn’t put down.

I’m not sure why I’ve evolved this way. I could blame it on parenthood. My days are full meeting the needs (and demands) of my kids, especially in summer. I could also blame it on Netflix. The next episode of Merlin or Flash is all-too-tempting after a long day.

When I manage to overcome my “book lethargy” to open a cover, I usually enjoy the journey of traveling through the world an author has created. I guess I just need to remember that and do it more often.

Have you experienced a change in your reading habits from childhood? Do you think it’s true that people read less than they used to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!