Some friends of mine put together a video featuring their children, with the youngest musing on being little. It was a heart-warming piece with some profound ideas. One that really struck me was the idea that as we grow up, and cross to the other side of the “river” into adulthood, we lose the magic that goes with being a child.

I’ve thought a lot about that in the last couple of days, and I like to believe that there’s a way we can keep some of that precious magic with us. I know when I write stories for children, I search for that magical spark that will bring the story alive and make it glow. I think maybe that’s true for all of the arts, from oil painting to ballet to crafting and piano concertos. Anytime we call upon our creativity, I think it sparks a little magic in our lives. At least, I feel a like a magician when I create.

If you’d like to see the video, Little, for yourself, you can view it on my FaceBook home page.