I recently read an article about how reading logs are killing the joy of recreational reading for children. This is something I’ve long believed in, because I’ve seen it happen to my own kids. When I was young, I spent much of the summer lying on my bed with my nose in a book. It was my favorite way to pass the time; escaping to different worlds, living adventures with the main character.

Unfortunately, none of my kids are the bookworms I used to be. I’m not sure where to point the finger of blame for this: if it’s the digital age in which we live, where electronic screens take over kids’ lives, or if it’s the reading logs that turn reading into a chore and leach the joy out of it. I only know that I cry buckets inside when my kids won’t even finish reading Harry Potter.

So, how can we put the fun back into reading? That’s something I ask myself this summer, when my kids are whining that they’re bored. Would a book-themed party do the trick? Or, maybe we could have occasional “black out” days where all electronics are off-limits, leaving my kids with only their imagination and a good book to give it wings. Do you have any spectacular ideas? Let me know in the comments below!