Blind Maneuvers

Blind Maneuvers

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Series: Voyages of the Carpathia, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Future Retro, Steampunk, Young Adult
Publisher: Vivienza
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781940855349

The Carpathia’s captain has a price on his head. The last place first mate Brayde wants to go is flying into the heart of the Tyrian Empire that wants the ship and its young crew, dead or alive. Yet, when news of Captain Xanthe’s lost sister comes to light, that’s precisely where the captain charts their course. This time, Xanthe’s magic voice might not be enough to save them. But Brayde will follow his captain anywhere.

Avilene’s plans after graduating from the Empire’s most prestigious academy include escaping the tyranny of the academy’s director. They do not include being kidnapped by the most notorious outlaw in the Empire and his dashing first mate. When she rescues a crewmember and is accepted as one of them, Avilene must decide if she has the guts to betray them all just to save herself.

About the Book

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Bonus ArtPrecarious Connections

If you love adventures to new worlds with realistic, relatable characters, you want to read this book. Although I’m not a steampunk or science fiction fan (and this story is something of a combination of both), I adored the cast of characters in this book. The world is well-drawn but NOT over-described. And this cast? They are eclectic and unique. Black draws each one with individuality. Although the cover depicts a non-narrator (and this bothered me at first), by the end of the story I realized it fit. The captain is central to the character arc for our two lead characters. What I liked best of all was the subtle way issues wove through the character development and compelled organic tension in the rising action. This story would appeal to young adult readers of fantasy, sci-if and adventure genres, but its depth spoke to my love of deeper themes. I received an advance copy of this book from the author and chose to review it.
– Sharon L Hughson
So, I just finished "The Phantom Nightingale" around midnight last night and I am DYING to get my hands on the next in the series!!! I really loved the story line of the book, the setting, the fast pace adventure and twists in the plot at every turn. But most of all, I LOVED the characters! So well developed that they became real to me. The author brought to life the setting, the mechanics of the flying apparatus, all the details of the horrors of Yugend Academy, etc... Shauna really has outdone herself in this. It has a little bit of flavor from many of my favorite Young adult books and yet is it's own unique story. 5 STARS!!!
– N Perkins
I absolutely loved this book. It’s a great steampunk setting with amazing characters that are so real and complex. I want more!!
– Brooks Family
About the Author
Shauna E. Black

Award-winning author Shauna E. Black delights in beguiling readers until they lose all touch with reality and find themselves waiting under lampposts for fauns and talking beavers to appear.

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