The Dreamkeeper


The Dreamkeeper

by Mikey Brooks

Two kids must overcome their social differences to save the world of dreams, and consequently our world, from being overtaken by nightmares.
The first thing I like about this book is the dream world. It’s really imaginative, as you would expect a dream world to be. But that’s not the best part of The Dreamkeeper. The characters are deep, with real problems they’re doing their best to overcome. Gladamyr is a reformed nightmare still struggling with his past as he embraces his desire to be one of the good guys. Parker is a real world boy who has to get around his social prejudice before he can be friends with Kaelyn and find out what a strong, talented girl she is. And then there’s a goofy pirate that will tickle your funny bone. I think the best kinds of books are the ones that help you face the problems in your own life and overcome them, and The Dreamkeeper does that. It’s definitely worth a read . . . or two . . .  or three or four.
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