Rebel Bound

Rebel Bound (Paperback)

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Caelin is a survivor.

It’s been eleven years since a nuclear disaster drove much of the population underground. Caelin and her young sister Mardy were left topside, where Caelin uses salvage to trade for shelter–until she gets stabbed, and a handsome stranger named Jate saves her life.

Jate brings the sisters to rebel turf where plans are being hatched to conquer the Undercity. The rebels preach good life for the masses, and both Caelin and Mardy are hooked on the dream. But as Caelin is drawn deeper into the rebel’s inner circle, passion ignites between Caelin and Jate, and he suddenly seems determined to push her away.

Then she discovers the harsh price of loyalty. The rebel’s dream becomes a nightmare that puts her sister on a dangerous mission to the Undercity. Caelin must determine who to trust before Mardy and the population of the Undercity are wiped out.

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1 review for Rebel Bound (Paperback)

  1. 5 out of 5


    What an outstanding book. All about nuclear disaster. It’s eleven years since it happened, but Caelin is definitely trying hard to survive. Impossible to stop reading until the end.

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