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As an exile studying the healing arts in a foreign land, Alswyn hides the details of her troubled past and the true reason she was banished from her homeland.

But when the king’s foreign bride falls prey to a mysterious illness, Alswyn must face the man who ordered her exile and use her knowledge of dark magic to catch a sorcerer before the countryside is plunged back into a bitter war.

Unfortunately, digging up the bones of Alswyn’s past may well prove fatal to her soul.

Fans of The Black Mage and Soulfinders will here discover a new adventure full of forbidden magic, manipulating gods, and tainted romance.

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    “Soul in Ashes is a thrilling journey through a rich, original world. In Shauna E. Black’s fascinating tale, Alswyn is the kind of heroine to root for from the beginning. The delicious mysteries of her past and powers make this tale shine!” –Josi Russell, Bestselling author of The Caretaker Chronicles

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    “Shauna E. Black’s new serialized fantasy … has something in it I haven’t felt since Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series. It has a voice that is both moving and haunting, capturing the soul and filling it with magic. I want more … much, much more.” –Mikey Brooks, Award-winning author of The Dream Keeper Chronicles and The Stone of Valhalla

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